Our studio thrives on the passion of the hard working developer, Aaron Leaton. he started this studio in 2015 with Niky Leaton after spending a few years honing his skills at another studio. Our team has grown slightly in the last few years, but with each new addition the games we make reach new heights we never thought possible. Our only mission is to make games we enjoy playing and share with our amazing community!


Aaron Leaton

Our Game Director works tirelessly on each project to bring you the best experience possible. His passion for making and playing games is only matched by his love of hot wings and caffeine.


Niky Leaton

Our Business Manager loves to wrangle wild developers and keep the business running smoothly. In her spare time she enjoys making small games that remind her of happy childhood memories.


Terry Simons

Our Finance Manager retired after 35 years in finance and accounting. Now she spends her free time working in the garden. She tries to explain all the accounting bits to us... we smile and nod... a lot.



Our studio would not be where it is today if it wasn't for the wonderful community supporting us. They have given us their time to test, abundant suggestions and constant effort to help promote both us and our games. There is nothing more important to us than each and everyone of you!

There are a few people who have gone above and beyond to support us, Please take the time to help support these amazing people!

Reborn Dimension
Dardanos of Fate