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Based in Las Cruces, NM

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Get Stuffed! is an Asymmetrical Multiplayer Social Horror game. Up to 16 players try to kill, deceive or escape as one of three role categories (Killer, Antagonist, or Victim).


Role Diversity - Victims must escape, Antagonist must complete their personal objectives and the killer must kill everyone.

  • Victims must complete map objectives in order to escape. Map objectives range from scanning radioactive rocks to solving word puzzles. Victim roles are (Runner, Medic and Engineer)

  • Antagonist each have unique objectives to complete. The cultist must collect blood to summon the great devourer whereas the hitman must complete "hits" on other players before finally setting off a tactical nuke. There are currently 7 Antagonist roles with more planned.

  • Killers visually stand out from other roles, they all share one objective (Kill Everyone). Each killer has a unique playstyle. There are a variety of killers, with more planned!

Map Diversity - Each map has a different theme and requirement for victims to escape.

Death is not the end - Spectating players can interact with the world in a variety of either hindering or helping ways. No more tabbing out on death!

Dynamic Gameplay - The ways in which roles interact, along with the social aspect of gameplay and the event system makes each match different.

Fat Bomb humor - Get Stuffed! carries on the humor of our previous games and doesn't take itself too seriously.

Player Hosted Servers - The best way to deal with cheating, toxicity, or co-workers is per server player moderation!

Ease of access - As a free to play title, you're able to invite all of your friends to play with no cost of entry!

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