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Galactic Feud Press Kit: Welcome


Based in Las Cruces, NM

Release Date:
June 14, 2017



Available On:


Humble Bundle


Galactic Feud 1.5

Play WITH YOU FRIENDS locally or online in this fast-paced party brawler. Compete against each other in this fun filled, hilarity ensuing, adrenaline, caffeine consuming, all out chaotic brawl fest. 

Customize your contestant to your hearts desire and battle in ludicrous stages for bragging rights over all your friends. If that isn't enough to entice you, take a look at the insane weapons available with their own set of unique and mind-blowing abilities. 


  • Deadly Exciting Maps

  • Chaotic Game Modes

  • 80+ unlockable cosmetics

  • Over a dozen unlockable weapons

  • Local or Online Multiplayer with your friends!

  • Partial controller support


Galactic Feud has grown so much since the beginning. We have worked into the wee hours of every morning with the soul purpose to create a game that is as addictive as it is fun. Our contestants have had multiple make overs and we have added and moved and manipulated features until our recipe for an amazing game was just right. 

Our first version of the game had a set of contestants each with unique abilities who brawled on extremely dangerous levels, but it wasn't the right combination of ingredients. Although the characters were lovable and people rallied behind them, the game play was too complicated and first time players were getting lost. 

Going back to the drawing board, we decided our contestants needed a make over and we chose the chi-bi style. We also simplified game play and created more interactive environments. This version of the game was green-lit on Steam for Early Access. During this time people started playing and promoting the game, but we realized even though the game was fun it didn't keep people engaged like we wanted. 

We knew we had to figure out a way to get the player more involved in their characters, which is why we developed the customization feature. The only problem was that our unique characters no longer tasted good with the new ingredient and we needed to create a more universal base character with the capacity to be customized. We plunged head first into this version of the game and was rewarded for our determination. 

Galactic Feud now resonates with everything we wanted to give our players. It is filled to the brim with fun and keeps them always wanting more. 

2017 - Our studio was awarded a very generous grant from Epic Games for Galactic Feud. This has helped us to keep making amazing games and get a few needed things for our team. 

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