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Light Bearers Press Kit: Welcome


Based in Las Cruces, NM

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Light Bearers is the evolution of our winning game jam submission. In this asymmetrical hide and seek game you can play as a shifty shadow or a lighthearted light bear, but be warned if you get caught you will become corrupted. The premise is simple, but the game play is as infectious as the devious dark bears.  

We have a shadow with abilities to meet your unique play style and if you want more, you can customize your little adorable light bear with custom hats and colors to your hearts desire. 


  • Free-To-Play version available for everyone to join in the fun!

  • Unique Shadows

  • Asymmetrical Teams

  • Insane Maze-like Maps

  • Spooky and Fun game play

  • Inexpensive Full Game version that gives you access to all current and future shadows and customizeable light bears


Unreal Engine has hosted the Epic Mega Jam since 2015 and our small studio has participated every year. This year was no different and we were excited to see what we could create in the 5 days allowable. The first few days were spent hopping between different ideas, but when someone suggested a simple hide and seek game it all just clicked. 

The bears were molded in the form of the Great Bearicus Maximus and the shadow from our deepest fears of dust bunnies. Within 5 days we had a solid game loop with abundantly adorable art. 

With baited breath we waited a grueling week for the results of the game jam and were elated when they called our name and game as a finalist for the Epic Mega Jam 2017. Not only did it give us faith in our ever growing abilities to make fun games, but helped us decide where we want to go next as a studio. 

Now we are working to create even more content and polish the fun game play with an estimated release in 2018 and can't wait to see where this road take us!

2017 - Our game was one of the three finalist for the Epic Mega Game Jam

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