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Fat Bomb Press Kit: Welcome


Founding Date:
May 2015
Based in Las Cruces, NM

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FAT BOMB STUDIOS is a very small team of independent game developers who wanted to start a game development business in a place that had none - New Mexico. We enjoy playing games and seek to create games that bring friends and family together. 


Early Years
In the beginning it was just two bright-eyed college kids who dreamt of starting a local company where they could share their love and passion for video games with the world. Aaron and Niky sought the skills of a few close individuals, and with their help they did just what they dreamed. Trying to break through the independent game developers scene has never been easy, by through sheer will and dedication the small team has made several waves in the industry with their recent releases and are excited for what the future holds. 

Today our studio remains independent and dedicated to making games we love to play. We have a couple of games available on Steam and another one already in the works. With Galactic Feud we saw our first major spike in community involvement and widespread attraction to the game and our studio. Additionally, we received a large grant from Epic Games for the amazing work done on Galactic Feud. We cannot thank them enough for their appreciation and faith in our studio. The new project, Light Bearers, hold immense promise and we have devoted our resources to making it an amazing game especially after being a finalist for the Epic Mega Jam 2017. 

Our studio looks to the future with the same bright-eyes that we started with and cannot wait for what comes our way. We have many major projects working in the wings and will share them with you as we can. With each new step we take we are creating an amazing community, fun filled games and an independent game studio we can truly be proud of. 

2017 - Our studio was awarded a very generous grant from Epic Games for Galactic Feud. This has helped us to keep making amazing games and get a few needed things for our team. 
2017 - Our game was one of the three finalist for the Epic Mega Game Jam

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