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Quantum Lock Press Kit: Welcome


Based in Las Cruces, NM

Release Date:
December 14, 2015



Available On:



Quantum Lock 2.5

Rogue Programs have infiltrated and are trying to steal the data stored on the most important computer ever created. There is only one defender - The Anti-Virus!

In this multiplayer freeze tag game, one player is selected as the Anti-Virus whose job is to isolate all the Rogue Programs running rampant in the system. The Rogue Programs must avoid detection at all costs and gather as much data as they can. The Rogue Programs and Anti-Virus classes have been given four unique class specific abilities to help them succeed in their missing. 

Play for hours or for only a few minutes in this fast-paced, energetic cat and mouse style game. 

Offline modes now available! Play with up to four friends locally with the new Split-Screen option OR by yourself in the challenging Arena Mode against AI.


  • Lighthearted fun

  • Nonviolent Competition

  • In game chat and VOIP system

  • Customize your characters colors

  • Play online with your friends

  • Fast matches for even more fun

  • Multiple host settings make each match a unique experience

  • Offline split-screen mode with up to 4 players (game controllers required)

  • Offline simple Arena Mode (player v AI)

  • 10 Unique playable classes

  • 8 Exciting Maps with more to come

  • 4 Upgradable abilities per class



As the first major release for our studio, Quantum Lock holds a special place in our hearts. It has gone through several changes to make it the best game it could be. Our original concept was to create a game similar to the childhood playground game of freeze tag. Through extensive testing we realized that although the game was really fun, it still needed that something extra to make it amazing. 

It took several iterations, but finally we stumbled on the right concoction of game mechanics. With a dash of asymmetrical teams, splash of unique upgradeable skills and a whole heap of adorable characters to play as we created a fantastic game that keeps you laughing for hours. 

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